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2012年 03月 11日

378_Liar's Poker

Liar's Poker

‎"Liar's Poker" by Michael Lewis. This book told me the true story about traders & salespersons in investment bank. Are they just covetous men and criminals of financial crisis in 2008? Or Have they helped lots of people in U.S. to have their own houses and small-sized firms to raise funds due to mortgage & junk bonds? I can't answer it, but this book surely entertains you.


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Running 6km

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2011年 12月 12日


c0153596_23492654.jpgThe Chinese government didn't express regret over the affair.

I'd like to ask them "How do you think about this?" "Are you able to take a pride in behavior of the people in your country?"

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เข้ากันไม่ได้ / Tom from Room 39

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2011年 12月 03日

376_The law of T.D.L.

c0153596_21305575.jpgWhen it comes to "TDL", most of Japanese call an amusement park where is next to Tokyo to their mind. It's the Tokyo Disney Land.

S.Kato defines TDL as a new law to make a hit product. It stands for Technology, Design & Life style. New Life-style is proposed. To put it into practice, fantastic "Technology" is joined with beautiful "Design" and they are finished up as a product used in Life-style.

iPhone, Wii, Dyson & HEATTECH.

Kato says that the key point is TDL. People in "Technology" should be interested in "Design". And also people in "Design" should pay attention to "Technology". People in planning must be aware of all TDL.

I am reading a biography of Steve Jobs. He had worked being aware of TDL.

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Running 3km

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Young, Wild & Free / Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg

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2011年 11月 28日

375_The Scientist, Tambourine & Cold Play

The scientist / Cold Play

This is the best song of Cold Play for me.
I love this slightly feminine rock band so much.

As Chris said, this is not a tambourine song.
But he's always gentle, never rude.

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Running 3 circles @ sports centre

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The scientist (acoustic) / Cold Play

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2011年 11月 27日

374_Muslim 10 years since 9.11.

I watched a documentary on TV recorded 2 weeks ago. It's about 10 years of Islamic societies after the 9.11. The 2nd story of a series of 3 ones is focused on Muslim in U.S. society.

They have been required from U.S. society to explain what Islam is after 9.11. They, especially young Islamic American were at a loss at first. Because they just succeeded to Islamic custom from their parents. But they had a possibility to be eliminated from society if they didn't clarify the difference from the fundamentalist. So they began to talk about their identity and provide information to society to require to understand themselves.

One of the young American, Reza Aslan, was said below.

"American policy toward Islam is based on the point of view that Islamic society doesn't want democracy. However it is not correct.

The reason is that Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia, these Islamic countries are democratic countries. And also we have already seen those who want democracy in Arabic countries, Egypt, Tunisia & Libya. It's called Arab Spring.

U.S. thinks that their democracy is the only one. However democracy has different forms.

Christianity in U.S. also has various forms. Although Islam is same as Christianity, U.S. tends to consider Islam as the only one form. It's not correct. Islamic society has drastically changed since 9.11.

20 years later Muslim will be over two billion and reach one forth of world population. We should understand Islam more.

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Running 63min (Home - Yagoto - Motoyama - Kawana - Home)

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Pumped Up Kicks / Foster The People

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2011年 11月 23日

373_Reborn to drive Japan

New TV commercial of TOYOTA.

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Running 3.0km (Home - Yagoto - Kawana- Home)

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You Get What You Give / New Radicals

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2011年 11月 22日

372_March 20, 1995: Gas Attack on Tokyo Subway

Today Japanese supreme court rejected the final appeal against a death sentence meted out for the deadly 1995 nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

On that day, March 20 1995, I was a junior high school student and watching that news on TV at my home. My school where is close to the place of this attack was in spring holidays. Some students came to school by the attacked subway line.

This ruling ended the court procedure against the 189 Aum cultists indicted over the crimes. However it was just temporary one. Three members are still on the run. And Cult leader Shoko Asahara has not said anything in the court so far.

Aum Shinrikyo reinvented itself as the Aleph group & Hikarinowa, which continues to operate as a spiritual group. It is said that they are increasing members about 100 persons a year.

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Running 2.8km 10:35

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2011年 11月 20日


c0153596_1912271.jpgThis book is about a venture business of life insurance, Lifenet Insurance Company. Existing firms in Japan have sold their products in head-to-head selling. While this firm plans to sell life insurance on the internet to provide open, fair, simple & inexpensive products.

The author is Daisuke Iwase, co-founder of this firm. In this book, he describes a process of starting up the business, making a business plan, presenting it to investors to raise funds, long negotiation with the government to get the license to sell life insurance, recruiting, building up IT system, doing business with marketing strategy.

It is a very exciting story. Because it is the one which the author had experienced on-site. Iwase graduated from Harvard Business School in 2006 where he was elected Baker Scholar. After coming back to Japan, an investor, the previous well-known trader, suggested the business plan of online life insurance to him. The investor knew him through his web log about the experience in HBS. Iwase encountered lots of people, got advice from them and took some people into his firm and finally start his business. It is like a Dragon Quest or ONE PIECE as Iwase writes.

It's a recommendable book.
Other books around him are also interesting.
ハーバードビジネススクール 不幸な人間の製造工場

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2011年 11月 08日


Tonight it got cold. Whether forecast also says it will get cold tomorrow morning.

Dry air, cold & loneliness of winter tends to make my feeling sensitive.

This TV commercial emphasizes that kind of feeling.

UNIQLO Fleece (Koura Kengo)
UNIQLO Fleece (Meisa Kuroki)

That songs are really fantastic.
DJ MITSU THE BEAT, my favorite DJ, is the composer. The vocal is Egil Olsen. These songs are not planned to be released.

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Running 3km / Home - Yagoto - Irinaka - Home

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2011年 10月 30日

369_A holiday in autumn

Two weeks ago I was in Turkey to join Istanbul marathon. And I went to Mie prefecture to join Ekiden training camp last week. I have run about 100 km for recent two weeks. I'm tired a little bit.

Nothing much this weekend. I just chilled out. Cleaning up my room, laundering, go shopping daily necessities and reading books with my favorite snacks.

I was able to be relaxed so much. Peaceful weekend. Yellow leaves were seen from the window in my room.

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400m*5 along the Yamasaki-gawa river

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เข้ากันไม่ได้ / Tom from Room39

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